Shobhit Puri

Mobile Apps Development Enthusiast | Software Developer | Badminton Enthusiast | Social Welfare | Searching for soul enlightenment

Who am I?

Hi, I am currently working as Android Lead at TradeRev. It is an online automotive remarketing system. I am also volunteering with a distributed team of Miracle Messages - a non-profit organization that helps reunite homeless people with their loved ones - to help develop their Android and iOS applications. As you might have guessed, I am a Mobile Application Development enthusiast. I've been enjoying developing apps for almost 4.5 years now. I am also an Amazon Certified Solutions Architect and have been working with Amazon Web Services for 2.5 years. I thoroughly enjoyed working on other exciting projects like developing mobile payment solutions with Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC and QR code, app for drug relapse prevention for people with additive disorders, app for enabling user to securely login to web services leveraging 'something that user has', i.e chip cards and mobile devices.

What I have to offer?

I believe that for creating something useful, its necessary for people with diverse professional backgrounds to come together. If you have a great idea that would have a positive effect on society, I would love to offer my skills.

What are my beliefs?

As an individual, I am not running behind money, prestige or fame. Its happiness what I crave for. To gain happiness, Chanakya, the very famous Indian philosopher and economist from 300 B.C has defined seven basic ingredients:

पहला सुख निरोगी काया | दूजा सुख घर में हो माया ||
तीजा सुख कुलवंत हो नारी | चौथा सुख सुत हो आज्ञाकारी ||
पांचवा सुख हो सुंदर वासा | छठा सुख हो सज्जन पासा ||
सातवा सुख हो मित्र घनेरे | ऐसे नर नहीं जग बहुतेरे ||

It means that the foremost requirement of happiness is a healthy body. Second is having enough money to sustain a decent living. Third is having a beloved and faithful wife/husband. Fourth is to have obedient children. Fifth is to have a hospitable home. Sixth is always being surrounded by good people. Seventh is having faithful friends. One eighth additional ingredient which gives me tremendous joy is the act of giving.

What else I love?

I love playing Badminton(Played National Level) and Ping Pong.